Storage Rules

-Refer to Your Signed Contract for Complete Terms and Conditions-

1 month minimum rental - no refunds. 

Payments and Late Fees:
Monthly rental due date: First (1st) of the month
Initial late charge if rent is not received by ten (10) days after due date: $10.00
Second late charge if rent is not received by fifteen (15) days after due date: $10.00
Rent is delinquent and Tenant is in default if rent is not received by that date.
Charge for overlocking Tenant's space when in default: $25.00

Move Out Procedure:
Before your next rental due date please provide notification of intention to move out and vacate the space completely. You must remove all contents and debris from your unit.

Sensational Storage LLC is not liable for any loss or damage of property stored. 
Properly latch and lock your unit at all times

Tenant MAY NOT STORE the following:
Any living creature or organism or any dead animal or other carcass;
Gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, anti-freeze or flammable chemicals;
Explosives, fireworks or ammunition;
Corrosive, toxic, poisonous or hazardous materials or wastes
Asbestos or asbestos-containing construction materials;
Lawn debris (grass clippings, brush, etc.);
Construction debris, tires, oil or batteries, whether new or used;
Items having a noxious smell in Lessor’s sole judgement;
Marijuana and/or controlled substances of any kind;
Prohibited weapons under the Texas Penal Code; 
Stolen property and items illegal for self storage under any law
Anything with a fuel tank (vehicles, boats, motorcycles, mowers, etc.), except approved Vehicles;
Liquid propane tanks, oxygen tanks or similar containers; 
Food, fertilizers, pesticides or items which are wet and could mildew.

Complete Terms and Conditions:  
Available to review and sign upon renting.  

Securing Your Belonging

Close the Door

Properly Close the Latch

Place and Secure Lock

Properly Closing the Latch