Storage Rules

-Refer to Your Signed Contract for Complete Terms and Conditions-

Payments and Late Fees:

  • Monthly rental due date: First (1st) of the month
  • Initial late charge if rent is not received by ten (10) days after due date: $10.00
  • Second late charge if rent is not received by fifteen (15) days after due date: $10.00

  • Rent is delinquent and Tenant is in default if rent is not received by that date.

  • Charge for overlocking Tenant's space when in default: $25.00

Move Out Procedure:

  • Before your next rental due date please provide notification of intention to move out and vacate the space completely. You must remove all contents and debris from your unit.


  • Sensational Storage LLC is not liable for any loss or damage of property stored. 

  • You properly latch and lock your unit at all times, See below for proper Latch operation. 

  • We are proud to partner with a 3rd party vendor to offer tenant protection plans, See Details Here.

Tenant MAY NOT STORE the following:

  • Any living creature or organism or any dead animal or other carcass;

  • Gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, anti-freeze or flammable chemicals;

  • Explosives, fireworks or ammunition;

  • Corrosive, toxic, poisonous or hazardous materials or waste;

  • Asbestos or asbestos-containing construction materials;

  • Lawn debris (grass clippings, brush, etc.);

  • Construction debris, tires, oil or batteries, whether new or used;

  • Items having a noxious smell in Lessor’s sole judgement;

  • Marijuana and/or controlled substances of any kind;

  • Prohibited weapons under the Texas Penal Code; 

  • Stolen property and items illegal for self storage under any law

  • Anything with a fuel tank (vehicles, boats, motorcycles, mowers, etc.), except approved Vehicles;

  • Liquid propane tanks, oxygen tanks or similar containers; 

  • Food, fertilizers, pesticides or items which are wet and could mildew.

Complete Terms and Conditions:  

  • Available to review and sign upon renting.  

Securing Your Belonging

Close the Door

Properly Close the Latch

Place and Secure Lock

Properly Closing the Latch